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About Us (Institute for Innovation and Social Value Creation)

NAME: Institute for Innovation and Social Value Creation, University of Hyogo
(Previous name: Institute for Research Promotion and Collaboration)

ESTABLISHED: April 1, 2011
VENUE: 3F, Jibasan Building, 123 Minamiekimae-cho, Himeji, Hyogo

Business Contents/Items Involved

(1) Enhancement of technology support
A technology support center established within the Instutute supports technical consultation, industry-academia collaboration, business start-ups, manufacturing education, etc., to enhance supports on manufacturing.

(2) Enhancement of business support
A business support center established within the Instutute to provide support for management consultation, human resources matching, coordination of collaborative networks, and intermediary consultation for manufacturing consultations, thereby enhancing supports on business.

(3) Enhancement of digital transformation support
A digital transformation support center established within the Institute is involved in creating DX teaching materials such as “data science” and “digital marketing,” and to implement DX recurrent education, to enhance supports on DX.

(4) Enhancement of coordination
We will improve information gathering and matching for joint research by dedicated coordinatos, together with collaborated coordinators.

(5) Support for revitalizing local industries based on industry-academia collaboration agreements
We are working to revitalize local industry by collaborated with Hyogo Industrial Association and other affiliations.

(6) Support for gaining competitive funds/grants
We are working towards obtaining competitive funding under the supports by esearch administrators and dedicated coordinators.

(7) Support for university-originated ventures
We support the creation of university-launched ventures and their operation and management.

(8) Intellectual property
Led by the Intellectual Property Headquarters Coordinator, we will work closely with external organizations such as NIRO to strategically create, protect, manage, and utilize intellectual property.

(9) Education and human resource development support for students and companies
In addition to providing educational support by holding company tours for students, we will also support human resource development such as technology development for companies.

(10) Support for supplying doctoral persons to industry
Supplying doctoral personnel with advanced specialized knowledge/experience to industry through career centers

(11) Strengthen public relations strategy
Publishing brochures of Researcher Map, Research Seeds for Industry-Academia Collaborations and so forth.